Was I right to change schools?

For those of you who read my last post, I talked about how leaving I felt that leaving my old job felt so hard. This post comes 11 weeks into my new teaching post.

So the big question is was I right? Was leaving really so hard?

In essence, I can't give a definitive answer. 

'My old school' - I'm sure we've all experienced that teacher who constantly refers back to their old school and the way they did things. I was always slightly dubious of these members of staff, often wondering why they left in the first place. Of course, I've found that I've started to become that teacher. Yes, I loved my time at 'my old school' and my formative years were spent there but I did leave for a reason. It wasn't all great. Personally, I think I've been saying 'my old school' because its all I knew. I'm now working in a school that is very different, not just because of the physical building, but the ethos and culture at school.

So what does my new school offer? 

A challenge. Whilst that may appear obvious. The daily and weekly challenge in relation to my teaching, the children's learning is now doubled with leading Year 3. When I reflect on what I'm now expected to do, in relation to my old post, I have to question why I started my MA in Science Education. This may feel like a curve ball statement, but the reason I started my MA, among others, was to feel engaged and mentally stimulated again. I'm now getting this at my new school. Perhaps I wouldn't have started my MA if I'd moved schools sooner? ! 

Despite the uphill challenge ahead of me, and the ever-increasing workload, I genuinely feel alive as a teacher again. My passion for teaching and learning has been re-ignited. I have grown in confidence and am learning more about myself as a teacher with each passing day. 

I almost feel like I'm betraying my old school. That's not the case. My first school will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I truly hope to stay involved with the community. However, this new fire inside me is alive and I'm excited about the next few years and the opportunities that will come my way.