6 Weeks in... 8 days to go!

With only 8 days to go until half-term, I thought its a good time for an update, as it's been a couple of weeks since my last post! So, what have I learned in the past few weeks?

My children - in the past 6 weeks in school, I've learned so much more about each child I teach, than I could have ever imagined in comparison to teaching placement. I know it sounds obvious, because this time I'm the teacher. But it's all "real" now... No more pretending with a class, while secretly knowing I'll be out of a school in 4-6 weeks time. From those crucial early morning conversations with parents in the playground to parents evening ( tonight in fact!), I have truly begun to build good working relationships with parents.

I CAN do it! Fresh off the back of taking 27 Year2 children to Tower Bridge yesterday, followed by two relentless parents evenings, I'm sat here with a rather large smile on my face, and a spring in my step. Although I'm great at putting myself down about everything! It's been hard to ignore the positive feedback from parents and staff at school. Numerous parents have commented on how settled their children are in class, and that they've seen a positive change in their attitude to learning this year. Coupled with the feedback from SLT about the trip yesterday; I really am beginning to believe in my capabilities as a teacher. I know each day is different, but while I was feeling like I was taking one step forward and two steps back, I think I'm taking tiny steps forward now.

Of course, I know there will still be bad lessons, bad days, and times where the pressure of the job gets to me. But I think it's important to reflect on the good days.

Today is a good day!