Progress Report


So, it's been a while since my last post, so I thought it would be appropriate to give a short progress report. In the past few weeks, I've submitted all my assessed work for my degree (and hopefully passed them!). This has symbolised the end of an era - no more uni for me, except for my graduation in October. Where have the past 3 years gone? I still remember that anxiety and anticipation before my first day of uni - only to now be leaving with some great memories and friends. My studies at The University of Greenwich truly have been transformative. Not only so I feel like a professional now, but my outlook on live has changed, and dare I say it, for the better! I'm more ambitious in my career and have developed my self-confidence. Who would have thought I'd feel confident talking to a lecture hall filled with undergraduates, or that I would have attended an international literacy conference and be rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential personalities in Literacy education!

In addition to finishing my degree, I've been fortunate to secure my first teaching post! While I'm not going to name the school, it's a great one form entry school in central London. I feel so privileged to be given the opportunity to work in the centre of an amazing city, and with such great children and passionate staff. Although, I must admit, the thought of being ultimately responsible for 30 children is quite daunting! I've already got some ideas brewing inside my head, from starting a class blog, to engaging and involving parents in partnership. However, I am aware my brain is excellent of running away with itself. I think I'll need raining in - is this normal NQT enthusiasm?

In a nutshell, the past few weeks have been the inevitable ending of an era. Whilst I have fond memories of the past three years and the journey I have been on. I'm equally excited to be starting a new chapter in my life and start my career in teaching! WOW!

Watch out world, here comes Mr Church!!!