One week in - final teaching practice

I've now been on my final teaching practice for just over a week and I'm already teaching over 70% of the week (university guidelines suggest this for week 3). I know there is a lot to learn, but nothing beats assuming the role of the class teacher and dealing with the minor parts of the day, such as transitions between lessons, moving from activities and dealing with the "can I go to the toilet please Sir?" requests. I know these sound trivial, but I feel these really help me make the transition between a student teacher and the class teacher. Last week I had my first formal observation (in mathematics), to no surprise I was nervous as the class teacher and the deputy-head (also senior mentor) were observing me. Despite the nerves, it was a good lesson. The feedback I received has been beneficial in providing targets for this week as well as building my confidence with the aspects I do well - such as allowing the children to lead the plenary.

Reflecting on last week, I have set myself targets to model more work with the children during the introduction and to ensure I plan effectively for my teaching assistants (yes, I have 2!).

Finally, although I am not expected to be formally observed each week, I value the feedback received and the opportunity to unpick lessons to be able to improve my teaching and am considering asking my class teacher and/or the deputy head to observe me weekly.