#iPaded Research - Time to read, read, read!

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 22.03.33
Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 22.03.33

Since my last post, I have to confess that I've neglected my research somewhat. While there have been assignments to focus on, I am usually very good at keeping myself going by reading (or at least sourcing) new journal articles. So, where am I now?

I've had a brief discussion with my supervisor, and we've agreed that I'm going to send her my literature review by the 3rd of January, so we can move the research forward and push for the best grade possible! In addition, I have sent my current bibliography over, this was well received, and I've been advised to stop finding new sources, and focus on the literature I have. This is harder to do than I first anticipated, as I'm always wanting to find new sources, or counter-claims to support my research.

However, I know I need to fully understand the literature I have before looking for more! I am pleased to be informed that I've already got a wide range of sources, from government reports, to journal articles and discussions with professionals. I have always been conscious that I need to cover as much ground as possible with the literature review, and that I should be able to get a flavour for the current state of ICT/mobile technology research.

Finally, I've provisionally found a primary school willing to let me conduct my research. Importantly, they already use iPads, so there should be no (or little) novelty factor in relation to using the iPads. Also, in discussion with my supervisor, we have agreed to focus my research on children in Year 5 or 6 - this is mainly for their articulation of their thoughts more clearly when interviewing them.

Where next?

As I've mentioned, I have to send my completed literature review on the 3rd of January, ahead of the first tutorial on 8th (January). This will allow me to receive oral feedback on the current state of the literature review, as well as agree a time-frame and deadlines for the next part of the research. But, to get there, I need to read, read, and read some more! Although I have a list of literature to read, only 35% of these have been annotated!

Also, I want to have the methodology written before I start my final placement at the end of January, so I can focus on collecting and interpreting the data in April, before hand-in on the 13th! While this may seem like a long way off, I will be fully engaged with an 8 week final placement from the 21st Jan to 22nd March and unable to commit to my research fully.