First day of placement

As per my previous post, yesterday was the first day at my new placement school. Whilst I can't disclose specific details about the school etc. I can share my experiences as a student teacher. I arrived at school, with the usual anxieties, and still awaiting to find out what year group I would be teaching this year (this transpired to be Year 2 - for which I'm very happy!). While my initial phone-call with the Head-teacher relaxed me slightly, the anxiety heightened as I walked through the door and towards the receptionist. In hindsight, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Every member of staff I was introduced to was incredibly welcoming and sincere.

Both the class teacher and the two (yes two!) teaching assistants have already made me feel welcome in their classroom and I look forward to working with them all.

Of all the aspects I am excited about, is the emphasis on cross-curricular teaching. Both of my previous placements have taught the subjects in isolation which I have struggled with. Personally, I believe that children gain more from the intended learning if it is contextualised. My placement school uses the Power of Reading scheme to achieve this. While I know this is focused at improving literacy standards in the school, it feeds into the other areas of the curriculum and provides a context for learning.

Yesterday I observed the children work with one of the teaching assistants (Mrs T) investigate ways of protecting hard boiled eggs from cracking/breaking when dropped from a height by using different materials. While this could have been a dry investigation for the children, it was contextualised through the use of the book 'The Emperor's Egg'. Here, the class teacher received a letter from an 'Atlantic Scientist' who asked for the children's help in protecting the egg. I am looking forward to planning in a cross-curriculur way that will continue to contextualise learning for the children, and develop my teaching strategies.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my placement this year. I know there is still a lot to learn, but I feel I will truly be in a supportive environment that will

allow me to try out new ideas and be myself.