I'm David, a primary science subject leader and all round science geek! As well as being the science subject leader and the Year 3 Phase Team Leader in a three-form junior school in Lewisham, I am also on the Primary Science Committee for the Association for Science Education (ASE).

Primary science truly is my passion, with the main highlight of my school year, being the annual ASE conference. Well, that and my current study towards my MA in Science Education at King's College London. Whilst I have researched into the impact of iPads in primary science. I am currently interested in improving scientific literacy in primary science; how can we ensure that we are developing a truly scientific literate society for the future?

In my opinion, science is about asking questions of the world around us – yet this appears to be a crucial skill that children loose as they progress through their formal education. How can we foster and maintain this curiousity though children’s engagement with the sciences?



  • MA Science Education (currently studying)
  • BA (Hons) Primary Education + QTS
  • BTEC National Diploma in Early Years Education


Key Achievements

As a science subject leader, I have experience in:

  • Leading substantial change in primary science, through the Primary Science Quality Mark award scheme
  • Leading staff CPD in areas such as assessment and resourcing

  • Developing systems for raising standards in primary science, such as regular, rigorous monitoring and learning walks

  • Reporting on the status of primary science to senior leadership, including governors

  • Supporting NQTs in developing understanding and skills in primary science

  • Leading a Science Club for Key Stage 2 children

  • Engaging with parents through practical workshops

  • Organising whole school science days

  • Presenting at the annual ASE conference

Professional Memberships